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From CPS Winter 2019 Newsletter:
Messages from our President and Executive Director

From CPS President Wick Hartung

Dear CPS Members,

Happy New Year! Hope you all enjoyed a magical Holiday. As we move into 2019, I want to inform you of our plans for Canton Preservation Society.

Most of our members may be familiar with the recent study undertaken by Stark County officials. The conclusions were "Stark County is getting older, poorer, and fewer." Your Canton Preservation Society is operating within these parameters. Your Board has used this report as impetus to stop, take a breath and look at our future.

After spirited discussion and review of financials, your Board has come to the following conclusions:
  1. Although the Resale Store has been profitable, even with very careful management,  our overall expenses exceed our annual income.
  2. To keep CPS financially viable,  we plan on relocating the CPS offices, records and operations to the lower level of the Hartung House.
  3. The Board has voted unanimously in favor of placing the Hartung House 1st and 2nd floors on the "For Lease"  market to find a viable tenant to occupy +/-3,400 sq. ft.
This conclusion leaves CPS in the best  shape to continue operating. We are experiencing many of the same "signs of the times" other organizations are going through – older membership can't generate funds needed, millennials don't have the need or inclination to join locally, and increased competition from non-profits asking for your dollars.

Many of these factors are out of CPS control. Non-profit 501-c3 organizations are adjusting to new social and economic factors. Since our founding in 1977, CPS has always adjusted with the times. Leasing the house as professional offices is our next adjustment. Rest assured Canton Preservation Society will continue. 

The historic Hartung House has ten (10) large rooms which would make a wonderful reception waiting room, large & small conference rooms and private offices for attorneys, insurance brokers, financial planners, counseling, accounting firms, etc. We are asking all members to help in finding a viable tenant.

We are making plans to relocate to the lower level into comfortable space. Meanwhile, life goes on at the Resale Store. We always appreciate your donations of household goods and volunteering your time. Have a safe and healthy holiday.

Wick Hartung
President, Canton Preservation Society


From CPS Executive Director Joseph Engel

Dear Members and Friends
A beginning of a New Year means new plans for an exciting 2019 year here at The Canton Preservation Society. As you read in the President's letter a move to the lower level will take place here at the office. Many of you may not know, but the lower level of the Hartung House was one of the first areas that was put into use after the move.   It was easy to finish that area first since it was a brand new basement.  At that time we needed a place to hold our board meetings and conduct other business until the first and second floors were ready to be occupied.  It won’t take much to move us into the space.  Once we move, visitors for CPS will be able to walk from the parking lot to the back of the house to enter our office.  But, until we rent the 1st and 2nd floors we will conduct business as usual in our current  areas.  As soon as we have a tenant, I will inform you in the newsletter that we have moved to the lower level. 
I am also excited about our 2019 annual meeting which you will not want to miss.  Richard Haldi is researching and putting a program together regarding the former Case mansion that was located on the west side of Market Ave North.  I am sure many of you have heard of it or maybe even had the opportunity to visit it during the time the Art Museum occupied the mansion. After receiving so many compliments on the location and food of the 2018 annual meeting held at the Metropolitan Center, we will return there for the 2019 annual meeting.  More details will follow in the spring newsletter regarding the meeting, but you can make your reservation now to insure a seat as I believe this will be another sold out event. 
I would like to take this time to introduce another one of our newest board members, Linda Haas.  Linda is a native of Canton, Ohio.  She graduated from St. Michael’s Grade School, Central Catholic High School, Canton College and later the University of Akron. She has two children: a daughter, Tammy and her husband live in Cincinnati.  She is a pharmacist and is raising two teenagers, Cole and Luke.  Her son, Scott, resides in Canton and is a dialer program supervisor. Linda’s interests are scrapbooking, stained glass, sewing, and crocheting.  She loves the theatre, travel and enjoys canasta and bridge. Linda has volunteered at the CPS resale store on a regular basis and also volunteers for most CPS special events.   
Again, I want to remind you of the Resale store to donate all those resalable items you are discarding. Last year was a great year for the store; let's make this year even better and that is accomplished by your donations and wonderful customers.  
Joseph Engel
CPS Executive Director


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